• Philip Marsden

Triple Your Opportunities for Every Release

Every artist wants more streams, more opportunities and more fans with every release. Making sure this happens means a ton of hard (and not necessarily creative) work. Although it’s a necessity if you want to be an independent artist, it often feels overwhelming and quite frankly, boring. However, there is a pretty straightforward way that you can double, or even triple your opportunities on every release. The great thing is, it doesn’t involve some crazy marketing trick or hours of tedious work, it’s all creative! Let’s dive in…


What’s the idea?

So this is going to sound a bit too simple on the surface, but when you actually think about it, the extra opportunities for exposure up for grabs here are a lot - it’s a no brainer. For every single you release, you should also put out two other versions of the song. These are:


1. An Acoustic Version

Creating an acoustic (or stripped back) version of your song can be really straightforward and cost effective. You could record it at home with very minimal gear, or spend just a couple hours at a local studio recording it. You might even be able to create it from the original production by pulling (for example) an acoustic guitar stem and the lead vocal from the track. You could even record it live and film a video at the same time, which gives you some great content for socials/YouTube too!


2. A Remix Version

Having a producer or artist from another genre create a remix of your track can be a really fun opportunity. Not only does it give you something else to release, but it also gives you the opportunity to collaborate with another artist which can really open up your creativity, expand your network and it also gives them a great opportunity too! Of course there are songs that this might not work for, but for most pop stuff it will.


So how does this triple my opportunities?

Let’s say you’re putting out an upbeat, indie-pop tune. This is going to serve a certain audience and fit into pretty particular playlists, which is great! You do need a defined direction and audience for your material - By trying to appeal to everyone you’ll appeal to no one. However, these alternative versions will have a different sound and style. Your acoustic version might be a great fit for a chilled morning coffee playlist and your remix version might fit well into a Friday night dance playlist, therefore tripling the size of the audience you can reach with the track.

Not only will this massively expand the size of the audience you can reach with your new single, but it’ll give your current audience loads of new stuff to consume, keeping them engaged and entertained - especially if you make some awesome video content to go along with the alternative versions!


This really is a brilliant way to boost your traction without boring marketing techniques or any tedious work. Sure, you have to put some hours in, but it’s genuinely creative and good fun to work on! So next time you're putting together a release strategy, squeeze in some room for some alternative versions of your single, you won’t regret it!


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