• Philip Marsden

The Ultimate Release Checklist | Make the Most of Your New Music

Releasing music can be an overwhelming process, especially if you're doing it independently. In today's post I want to take away some of stress and throw some ideas your way, by laying out everything you need to when you release your music in a simple checklist.

Pre Release

  • Have your mastered audio files ready in WAV and MP3 format.

  • Create your cover artwork.

  • Upload your music and all of the details to a distributor and set a release date.

  • Selling hard copies? Get them delivered in time for the release date and set up pre-orders.

  • Update your EPK with professional promo images, a bio and press release for the lead track.

  • Create audio and video snippets for use on your social networks.

  • Change your bio links & social media info to promote the new release.

  • Update your website with release details.

  • Post an actionable teaser to fans with the release date, pre-order links and teaser clips.

  • Send your music to your PR list. (Blogs, Spotify playlisters, radio stations and magazines)

  • Arrange premieres of your music on blogs and radio stations.

  • Create a music video or lyric video for your lead track.

  • Once your release is delivered to Spotify, pitch the lead track to official Spotify playlists.

  • Plan a live stream for the release day.

  • Arrange a release gig.


Release Day

  • Create a promo link landing page to different music platforms - your distributor should provide you with this.

  • Post your artwork or video and promo link on all of your socials.

  • Change your bio links & social media info to promote the release, with your promo link.

  • Update your website with links to your release.

  • Actively ask fans and friends to share the release.

  • Host a live stream on your social media.

  • Change your pinned posts and Spotify Artist's Pick to your new release.

  • Follow up with Blogs and Spotify playlist curators to let them know that your track is live.


Post Release

  • Keep up the momentum.

  • Keep submitting the lead track to playlist curators and blogs.

  • Host a giveaway competition for a physical copy and some merch

  • Release a live performance video featuring the new music

  • Create a fan-video compilation (get your audience involved)

  • Put out a behind the scenes video on the production process

  • Don't forget to mention your release at live shows.

  • Repost fans and friends who share your music.

  • Update your fans on reviews, playlist inclusions and radio plays.

  • Contact other artists you know and cross-promote each others releases.

  • Publicly and privately thank collaborators and supporters.


Remember, throughout all of this you need to put your audience first, think from their perspective and make sure your promotional content is providing them with genuine entertainment and value. More on that here - Stop Advertising Your Music - The Key to Genuine Growth as a Creator


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