• Philip Marsden

The Mindset Shift You Need to Make Social Media Effective

The worst way to get strangers on the internet to listen to your music, is to tell a load of strangers on the internet to go and listen to your music. In 2022, people don’t want to be sold new music and they don’t want to feel like it’s being shoved down their throats. Instead, they want to feel like they discovered it themselves and if they like what they hear, they’ll want to feel like part of your exclusive community.

This means if you’re treating social media like one big billboard, you might need to change your angle. In your posts, saying “my new song is out now, go and stream it” probably isn’t going to be effective. Instead, your social media needs to be a space that entertains and sparks curiosity in the minds of the people who stumble upon it. Incorporate your music into more interesting posts like performances, creative music videos, trends, challenges for your audience, skits etc. Make sure your audience is being entertained first and foremost, not sold to. Even documenting the daily life of an independent artist will be more interesting and engaging than simply advertising your music whenever you have a release. Your followers want to see you being you. If you need ideas of what to share, check out my post “18 Content Ideas for Independent Artists”.

Of course, every now and then you’ll have an announcement that you’ll want to shout from the rooftops. It could be a new release, an upcoming gig or an exciting feature or opportunity you’ve been given. It’s absolutely okay to share these things and directly ask your audience to take action, but make sure you provide some context and a story for them. Why did you make the song in the first place? What is it about? How did you make it? What are they about to feel? Why is this gig important to you? What’s so great about this opportunity you’ve been given? Invite them into your world and give them something to discover instead of just telling them your new song is out now and they need to listen to it.

Ultimately, if you approach social media as another creative outlet instead of as an advertising space, it’s hard to go wrong. Get creative and play to your strengths with the content you make. Are you a great live performer? More performance videos will probably go down a treat. Are you naturally funny and extroverted? More mini vlogs, live streams and skits might be effective for you. Do you self produce? People would probably love to see more behind the scenes footage on how you do it! The more you do this, the more you’ll learn what sort of posts your audience is enjoying and the more you’ll be able to entertain them and spark that curiosity that will guide them to your Spotify page, YouTube channel or merch store.


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