• Philip Marsden

The 6 Videos You Need to Make When You Release New Music

In 2022, video is king and if you’re not tapping into that as much as possible, you could be missing out on some amazing opportunities to grow your fanbase, build your community and get as much attention for your music as possible. But what sort of videos can you make as an artist? Well, today I want to give you 6 ideas (aside from your official music video) that you can use for every song you put out. The great thing is, they’re adaptable and you can make all of them on any budget as long as the entertainment value is there.


Lyric Video

Lyric videos are brilliant because they’re simple to create, they’re eye-catching and they’re super engaging for your audience. You can hire freelancers on Fiverr to make these at very budget friendly prices, could create a stop motion video, or if you’ve got some editing skills you could make it yourself!


Live Video

This should be a full blown, live performance of the song. You could film this at your local recording studio, rehearsal space, at a cool outdoor location or even at home! Be creative with camera angels, lighting and backdrops to make it as exciting as possible!


Acoustic Video

Your acoustic video can be a lot more stripped back and intimate. It should be a live lounge style, barebones version of the song that really showcases your songwriting. As well as the video, you can release the audio from this on streaming platforms.


Behind the Scenes Video

One of the easiest ways to make a ton of content for your release campaign is to document everything that goes into creating and releasing a song. Film your writing sessions, studio sessions, your first listens to your mixes, your rehearsals, everything! Once you have all of this footage, as well as posting it bit by bit on socials, you could create a behind the scenes compilation video to your song.


Gig Video

If you’re releasing a new song or EP, you’re probably tying it in with a gig right? Film this gig from every angle possible, including some behind the scenes footage and release a video with your song in the background. Not only is this a great way to promote your new music, but it’s also a really good way to show your audience how amazing your live performances are and encourage them to join the party next time.


Fan Video

With this idea, we want fans to film and submit pictures and footage for you to make a video out of. The great thing about this is that it gets your audience super engaged in what you’re doing and they can become a big part of the promotional campaign. You could have them send you footage from your last event, videos of a certain dance routine or them miming the song or videos of something specific in nature - Clients of mine have done videos of birds and rainbows in the past. Once you’ve gathered it all together, you’ve got some fun and shareable, fan generated content that you can put out! You could even do a merch giveaway for anyone who submits a video.


So there we have it - six video ideas that you can use on top of your official music video. The great thing about making all of these is that, as well as the full videos, you can also post short snippets of these on your socials in the build-up to each being released, meaning you have a shed load of content at your disposal for your promotional campaign. They will take some time to create, but if you can batch it and schedule it all in advance of the release campaign, you can eliminate the stress. If you document everything you do, read my 18 content ideas post and create all of these videos, you’ll never be sat around thinking “What should I post?” ever again!


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