• Philip Marsden

How to Create the Perfect EPK

If you’re aiming to get more gigs, press coverage, or radio play for your music, then you need an amazing electronic press kit (or EPK). This is a one-stop-shop, where promoters, journalists and curators can go to find all of the information that they need on an artist.


Present it as a Website

In the past, EPK’s have been presented as a folder containing a PDF and a series of other files (audio, images etc). However, sending one like that today is just a shortcut to failure. Instead, you should present everything in the form of a clear and eye-catching website. The people you’ll be sending this to receive hundreds of EPK’s every week and don’t have a lot of time on their hands. A website is quick to access and has the power to grab their attention in seconds. 

There are a few routes you can take here, but I’d recommend using WIX to create your site. It’s inexpensive and has loads of great templates you can use and tweak to your taste. Try to keep it a one-pager if possible. The less clicking your visitors have to do, the better!



This goes without saying, but the most important part of your EPK is your music. Make sure your current lead single is at the forefront of everything, in an easy to access web-player. Do not make people leave your site to listen to this, it only adds a layer of friction and we want everything to be as easy as possible for anybody who might be able to give you an opportunity.


Professional, Eye-Catching Photos

Your website should be full of professional, eye-catching photos. Do not, under any circumstances, use pictures from your phone. Firstly, these pictures are for the press and they don’t want to use unprofessional photos in their publications. Secondly, it will make you look amateur and can lead industry professionals to believe that this carries through to your music and personality. First impressions are everything!

I’d recommend using some photos from a professional photoshoot, some photos from your live shows if they capture the atmosphere and of course, your cover artwork and logo if you have one. Present these in the form of a gallery and include a download link, so journalists/gig promoters can use them in their articles, blogs and posters.


A Gripping Bio

Your bio is your opportunity to show people how unique you are and convince them that you’re worth their time. It’s your elevator pitch for yourself and your music. It should tell the press everything they need to know about you in a way that’s snappy and compelling. Drop in a couple of quotes from past reviews if possible and remember, you need to stand out from the sea of other bios that they read everyday. 

This should come in three forms:

  • A short bio. This will be at the forefront of your site and should sell you to the press in one paragraph. Think of the 5 W’s - Who, What, When, Where, Why. 

  • A long bio. This is the most in depth, but still avoid waffling on and make sure every sentence is as compelling as the last. This shouldn’t be on the front page of the site, I’d recommend a link away from your short bio that simply says “read more”.

  • One sentence. How can you best describe and sell your music in one sentence? This will be right at the top of your EPK, like a headline.


A Music Video

Videos are one of the most engaging ways to present your music and can boost your chances of standing out amongst the crowd. If you don’t have the budget to create a high quality music video, I’d at least recommend having an eye-catching lyric video created instead - these can be made on a fairly low budget through Fiverr. A montage of (high quality) footage from your live shows over the top of your most popular song is another great option!


Your Upcoming Gigs

Include an up to date calendar of all of your upcoming shows. Not only will this show fans when they can next see you live, but it will also help promoters to know whether you’re available for their date and if you’ve got a busy schedule, it shows that you’re in demand. 


Links and Contact Info

Your website should have links to all of your social media channels and your Spotify page in the header. On top of this, I’d recommend having a separate page dedicated to external links and contact information. Include all social media channels, your artist pages on the top streaming services, your email address and a simple contact form. You may also want to include a link to download your tech rider in PDF format, but depending on the exact layout of your site, it might be better to give it its own page. 


General Tips

  1. Keep the most important stuff at the top so it’s instantly visible. The first three things you should see, before you even blink, are your one sentence bio, an eye-catching photo and your latest single.

  2. Make sure you’re standing out from the crowd in every single section.

  3. Consider your niche - The genre/scene you fall into can determine the language that’s used in your bio and the visual aspects of your EPK.

  4. Don’t overdo it - people don’t want to be bombarded with information. Don’t try to showcase 20 different songs and 100 photos. Keep everything clear, minimal and snappy.


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