• Philip Marsden

Five Things You Need to Do on Release Day

You’ve spent months, maybe all year writing, producing and planning your release and it’s finally out, but what now? In this post, I want to share 5 simple things that you should be doing on release day to make sure your new music is reaching your goals.


Make sure everything’s updated

Get up early and make sure all of your socials, website, email signature, YouTube channel and wherever else you post online are up to date with a link straight to your new release. It sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many artists I see who still rely on people searching their name Spotify because they haven’t updated their links recently. People have very little patience on social media, so it’s your job to make it as easy as possible for them to find your music. Not only that, but you need to make sure you’re actively asking them to click that link and check it out. All of your posts, captions, bios and banners need a “Call to Action”. This is a short, snappy phrase that tells your audience exactly what you want them to do. For example, your bio might say “New single “_____” out now! Hit the link below to have a listen” or, one of your release day captions might end with “Hit the link in my bio and add the single to your chill playlist”. If you don’t ask your followers to take a specific action, they’ll just keep scrolling and forget about you.


Dominate the feed

Now that your new music is out, you need to make sure people know about it. One post on release day telling people to check it out isn’t enough, you need to dominate social media for that day with eye catching visual content and non-stop engagement. I’d recommend at least two in-feed posts (ideally an image carousel and a video) and a ton of story posts/quick tweets filled with calls to action and content about the song, what it means, how it was made, the team who helped you and behind the scenes photos and videos. Need content ideas? Check this out. As well as posting lots, you need to be interacting with your audience as much as possible. Host a Q&A, publicly thank everybody who shares the song and re-share their posts, reply to every single comment and spark conversation wherever you can. I’d also strongly recommend getting an ad going with some of your promotion budget. Here are two approaches to Facebook Ads that will get you heard.


Call upon fans, family and friends

Your fans, family and friends want to see you hit your goals and help you out wherever they can, so make sure you’re taking full advantage of this and telling them exactly how they can help. On release day, contact them one to one via email, DM, a text or a phone call (the more personal the better) and ask them to stream your song in full, like it, share it, follow on Spotify and add it to a playlist. If you can get as many people as possible doing this on release day, it’ll massively boost your reputation with the Spotify algorithm. Don’t be afraid to explain this when you’re talking to people and remember, they want to help you, so make sure you ask.


Follow ups

Before release day, you should have been submitting your new music to blogs, playlists and radio stations. If any of these haven’t replied yet, now is the best time to follow up with them and let them know that your single/ep/album is released and available to stream. These second emails, submissions or phone calls could be enough to land a few extra placements. You should also be thanking those who have already shared your release both directly and publicly on your social media pages. Remember, you need to build on these relationships so that the opportunities grow with every release.


Host a live stream

We have the ability to talk to our audience in real time at the touch of a button. If you’re not using this opportunity on release day, you’re missing out. Set a time and host a live stream on your social media. You could use this for a Q&A with your fans, a series of interviews with the team behind your release, a live performance or all three. Make it a mini release party! If you’re really pressed for time, you should at least just go live for 5 minutes to let people know that the song is out and have a quick chat about it. It’s an amazing tool to have, so make sure you’re using it!


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