• Philip Marsden

8 Ways to Promote Your Music After Release Day

You’ve spent weeks, maybe months, producing your new song, designing the visuals, coming up with a marketing plan and teasing your audience right up until the release. Finally, it’s release day. At last you can put up that post sharing your hard work, but what next? There’s only so many times you can ask people to go and listen to it before they switch off, so today I wanted to share eight things you can do to keep promoting your music after it’s released!


Repost everything!

On release day (and beyond) you should be encouraging fans to share your single on their feeds and stories. Everytime they do this, repost it. Not only is it great social proof that will encourage new listeners to check out your music, but it’s also a great way to engage with your fans, spark a conversation with them and make them feel valued.

Likewise, you need to be sharing every single review, playlist addition and radio play your release gets. Again, this is really good social proof that will keep encouraging people to take a listen. You need to remember that bloggers and curators are trying to grow their audience just like you are, so by sharing their work you’re only going to be strengthening the relationship you have with them, bringing you more opportunities for the future. Creating regular content for your social media channels is really difficult, but every review, playlist addition and share is basically free content that you can repost, so keep that in mind and don’t miss out.


Release a lyric video or music video

A couple of days after your release, when the dust has started to settle, is the perfect time to put out some creative video content for the song. This could be anything from a high budget music video with a thought provoking concept behind it, to a dead simple animated lyric video. As long as it’s eye-catching, creative and shareable you’ll be on to a winner. If you don’t have some form of video content for every release, you’re missing out. It gives you another free ticket to put your music in front of people who can share it, be it a friend, fan or even an industry curator. It’s like another bite at the apple!


Keep up the submissions

Even after release day, you should keep submitting your music to bloggers, playlists, radio stations and more. If you can spend just 15 minutes each day doing this, you’ll be able to gain a lot more traction with your campaign. Make a habit of it and remember to share every feature on your socials! If you’ve previously submitted the song to a curator and haven’t heard back, follow up and simply ask if they’d had a chance to check out the song yet and whether or not they thought it would be a good fit. If they still don’t reply, follow up again - the aim is to get a response whether it’s good or bad. If it is a no, don’t be discouraged! Take any feedback on board and come back with your next release when you’re more developed as an artist.


Post a breakdown video on how the song came to be

People love to see behind the scenes footage and explainers on how art is made and the thought processes behind it. You don’t even have to do this all in one video, you could split it into a few minute long clips. For example, one day you might share a video of how you put the drums together in Logic, then the next you could tell your fans some more about the meaning behind the lyrics and inspiration for your sound. This is super easy content to make and if you do it well, very shareable!


Introduce your audience to the team behind the music

Share some simple posts or video interviews with your team! Not only will it be interesting for your fans to see/hear about everything that goes into releasing a song, but it will also put you in front of your collaborator’s audiences, therefore increasing your reach with each post. It’s also really difficult for collaborators to get proper credit in the age of streaming, so they’ll be super thankful. You could do this with your designer, videographer, producer or mix engineer!


Host a giveaway

If you’ve got hard copies made or merch printed for this release, you should definitely be hosting a giveaway competition with your audience. You can ask them to share your song in their story and tag a friend in the comments of your post for an entry. This will get some extra exposure, introduce some new people to your music and is a great way to get your audience more involved and engaged with what you’re doing.


Create a fan video

Ask your followers to send in video clips or photos around a certain theme and create a compilation video with all of their submissions. This is another really easy way to generate some eye catching content with minimal effort and as a bonus, it’s really engaging for your fanbase!


Post a live performance video for the song

Finally, you can create a live session video for the new release. This could be a simple phone recording of you playing an acoustic version in an interesting location or a professionally filmed and recorded performance. Just like the music/lyric video idea, it doesn’t have to be high budget, it just needs to be eye-catching, inspiring and shareable! Make sure it would stop you from scrolling if you saw it on your Instagram feed.


Often it’s easy to become frustrated in the world of promotion and run out of ideas once your song has been released, but I hope this post has shown you that there’s more you can do than put a post that says “stream my new single”. Creating promotional content and getting your music doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need a little bit of pre-planning and some consistency!


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