• Philip Marsden

8 Tools You Need to up Your Music Marketing Game

To most of us, making, creating and producing music comes easy, but marketing it and getting it heard is another story. It’s massively time consuming and requires a lot of know-how to do it effectively on your own, but there are a ton of tools out there that can help us. Today I want to share my favourite tools that will help you to up your music marketing game for 2021!


1. Playlist Hunter

Playlist Hunter is a tool created by Burstimo, which helps you to find Spotify playlist curators who want to hear your music. It allows users to search by genre or mood and scans Spotify in real time to find playlists that are a good fit. It then displays the amount of followers each playlist has and all of the relevant contact information. This could be a real time saver!


2. Buffer

This is a tool that I use all the time! Buffer allows you to post to multiple social media channels all at once and lets you schedule your content in advance so that it goes out automatically on the date/time you select. If you can get ahead of schedule, Buffer can make social media a million times easier to manage, especially around a release campaign. It also has a ton of useful analytics tools and is free to use!


3. Canva

Whether you just want to lay some text over a photo or you want to design your final cover art, Canva is an amazing tool. It makes creating graphics easy for non-designers or people who just want to throw a quick social media post together that looks the part! I use this every single day.


4. Submithub and Musosoup

I’m bundling these together because they’re very similar platforms. Both allow you to send your music directly to curators of blogs and playlists around the world for a very small fee. These can open up incredible opportunities and really get your music out there. If you don’t already have an expansive PR list, using Submithub or Musosoup will save you a lot of time and make submissions a little easier!


5. Mailchimp

You need a mailing list and Mailchimp is an excellent place to start one! This is a topic of its own, so if you’d like to know why it’s so important check out this post - The Biggest Mistake Musicians Make With Social Media.


6. Dizzyjam

Dizzyjam is an awesome little platform that makes selling merch a doddle. You can set up a simple store and when somebody places an order, Dizzyjam will print and send your merch for you with no need for stock control and no need for you to pay a penny upfront.


7. Woobox

Woobox is a simple tool that helps you to run effective social media competitions and giveaways. It’s used by everyone from micro-influencers, to huge brands around the world including Spotify themselves.


8. Bandzoogle

Every artist needs some kind of website or landing page where curators, promoters and other industry professionals can find all of the information they need to book you for a show, write about your latest release or present you with an opportunity. Bandzoogle makes it incredibly easy for you to set up an online hub for your music and the list of features is huge. There’s a 30 day free trial and you can even use it to create your mailing list!


I hope these tools are helpful for you! Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to be bold, be consistent and have the right tools in place to make it easy for yourself. That way, you’re bound to reach your goals for your next release!


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