• Philip Marsden

5 Ways to Promote Your Music Organically

Promoting your music can feel like a shot in the dark. It’s easy to be distracted by over-promising PR campaigns and pricey ads, but the chances are, you’re overlooking the little things that you can do to grow your fanbase organically. Today, I want to share 5 simple things you can do right now, to give your music a boost without spending a penny. 


Nurture your fans and followers

Spending 15 minutes a day actively engaging with your fans and followers is probably one of the best uses of your time when it comes to music promotion. They are the foundation of your music career and their support is the number one thing that drives you forward, so you need to nurture your relationships with them and make them feel part of a community. 

Your online profiles are an incredible tool for this, so don’t just post about your music and neglect them. It’s called social media, so use it to socialise with your audience. Have genuine conversations with them, comment on their posts and make them feel appreciated. On top of this, you can ask them thought provoking questions to encourage engagement on your content or ask them what they want to see from you (what song should you cover next, where would they want to see you play etc). This is a great way to find out you can best give your audience value! 


Create a themed Spotify playlist

We all know getting your music featured in Spotify playlists is a great way to gain streams and reach new potential fans, but have you ever considered creating your own playlist? Create one for a certain mood, theme or situation (whatever fits your music) and include your latest song somewhere near the top. For example, if your latest single is very energetic and upbeat, you might create a playlist for working out at home. You can then fill this with similar music that you love and promote it to your audience! Taking submissions, or even just approaching other indie artists and asking if it’s okay to add their song is a great way to network even further and give back to your music scene. 

Side note - this can also work very well with paid advertising. More on than in a later blog!


Get the Spotify algorithm on your side

If you didn’t know by now, Spotify has an algorithm and it’s there to help you! You just need to get it on your side before it can work its magic. It is designed to help users of the platform to discover new music that they will love, keeping them on Spotify for longer. This is how personalised playlists like Discover Weekly are generated and these are a gold mine if you can get into them. 

So how can you get it to push your song? The algorithm basically needs to see social proof to ensure that your song is something people want to listen to. A great way to show this is to get as many pre-saves as possible before your song is released. If it’s saved to a lot of people's libraries before it’s even out, Spotify will know that your release holds value. It also needs to be added to some playlists. These can be the playlists of ordinary users as well as well curated playlists from blogs, radio stations and playlist curators. If you’ve been nurturing your audience well, you should have no trouble getting them to help you out with a pre save and playlist add! Let them know how helpful it is to you. 

There’s a more detailed look at how you can please the Spotify algorithm in my free guide “7 Steps to Getting Playlisted and Maximising Your Music on Spotify”


Connect with local businesses

Teaming up with a local business that you love, such as a cafe or clothing store, can be a great move for both parties. You could ask to be added to their in store playlist or approach them with a playlist full of local musicians and in exchange, promote their business to your fans. You could even team up for a launch event, at which you could provide the music! There are a lot of often overlooked possibilities here. 


Collaborate with another musician

Joining forces with another artist is an amazing way to network and cross promote each other's music. You could team up and record a full release together, co host a live stream, or simply create a fun cover video for sharing on social media! The great thing about music is that nobody is in competition with one another. By sharing each other's work, you can expand both your fanbase and your network of like minded people, who are sure to show mutual support. 


With all of these tips the focus is gaining a small number of devoted fans, rather than heaps of listeners who will forget about you in a week. There are no shortcuts, small but consistent growth is the best way forward!


Looking to grow your fanbase on Spotify? Download my free guide - 7 Steps to Getting Playlisted and Maximising Your Music on Spotify here.